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Get 100% on Every Vocabulary Test with FREE Vocabulary Test Maker.

BigIQkids has the best vocabulary test maker on the internet. All Free!

This online vocabulary tools turns your computer into a vocabulary tutor. It's simple to use and all free. Just plug in your vocabulary word list and select your lessons and/or vocabulary test and you have a dynamic vocabulary program customized to help your child score 100% on every vocabulary test.

How to Teach Vocabulary Word Lists to Mastery

BigIQkids Spelling + Vocabulary Program is a virtual tutor that presents quizzes, spelling & vocabulary bees, spelling & vocabulary tests, and fun spelling & vocabulary games all customized to each child’s abilities. Our students score 100% on every spelling & vocabulary test with BigIQkids. Try the demo with a few of your own words to see how the fun and power of the BigIQkids vocabulary program!

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Our state of the art, interactive application will dramatically change your child's attitude about vocabulary and provide the training they require to succeed in school. Using a "self-motivated learning" approach, this interactive program monitors the child's progress and advances the student based upon subject matter proficiency. Building upon retention, speed and accuracy, parents will love FREE math facts program’s intuitive interface and the ability to tailor each lesson to a particular child’s needs. is an online software program for smart kids. It provides daily lessons around children's homework to help the student master his/her subject matter. Throw away your flash cards, work books and printables! is a revolutionary approach to elementary education (k-99) that leverages interactive technologies to promote spelling efficiency, vocabulary building, math fact mastery and extensive knowledge of the 50 US States via multimedia reinforcement and independent learning.

Visit and find out what the other smart kids are using to keep the edge!

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